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  • Does anyone know how to ad banner ads with leadbolt or any other advertisement platform for android?

  • As far as I know, you can't.

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  • I�m using ads, worked like a charm on chrome mobile, very simple to implement.

    But it doesn�t work with cocoonjs accelerated canvas

  • mopub works with cocoonJS

  • Not with CocoonJS but if you are using phonegap or crosswalk you may want to look at implementing leadbolt ads via podes iFrame plugin.

  • Damn, so how do you guys make a some cash off these construct games :/ anyone here has a android game out? <img src="smileys/smiley26.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Mopub + Admob + CocoonJS is the only way I know of so far. there's a tutorial on it, but it's a bit outdated....

  • Okay, well I know Admob is Google's official advertising company now, so I'll choose that, plus I already have couple dollars on there. Same thing leadbolt though >.< Construct is great, but it really needs a solid way of making money through advertisements. But yeah thanks everyone

  • I agree totally with Slicksz.... this should be obviously one of the biggest things to be implemented into Construct 2 - I've been slaving away making a game and even bought the license... only to discover that 'monetization' is somehow forgotten...

    Please fix this or create a comprehensive (for idiots) guide to Construct 2 monetization (most namely the banner ads etc. via Admob or other).

  • I?m using ads, worked like a charm on chrome mobile, very simple to implement.

    But it doesn?t work with cocoonjs accelerated canvas

    Hi, I uploaded my game (with banners) to chrome webstore. The problem is that the game crashes just before banners show up.

  • May I take a look at your game? I'll even sign an NDA if you want

  • Mancini thanks for the support, I believe they left it out purposefully, because they rather you sell your applications, and want you to pretty much strive to make a good enough game that can be sold. Also, Scirra wants us to upgrade to a business license when we make our first 5,000.. I dunno if they are able to know how much you make some how =/ pretty sure they don't but I'm just speculating. It's more weird than anything that it was left out.. Should be seamless.

  • Should be seamless.

    Million times this.

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