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  • Test ball rebound but when we play a few time to rebound it with a simple bar with drag drop beahvior, the ball cross my horizontal bar and fall. I don´t want the ball cross the bar want the player can do infinite loop rebound with the horizontal bar.


  • i attach the test file. Someone can tell something. since 2 days i try to resolve this.... after play some rebounds... the ball cross the horizontal bar.. is fine 5/6/8 times and 1 moment the ball seem don´t react with the bar and cross it. thanks

  • Someone can help me for i can play with construct this week-end?

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  • xxxxxx.dimetuplan(dot)com/reboundnew.capx

    i put this current example. Thanks,

  • please and please someone can see the last file i propose for explainme why happen this?. Thx

  • If you are trying to achieve the effect I think this should get you started:

    ball on collision with bar

    • ball apply impulse 2 at angle 270 imagepoint 0
  • Thank. I want use force 2 at angle 270... the problem if you play with the ball... after some rebounds the ball cross over the bar ? is this my problem... i don ´t why the ball go through the horizontal bar

  • xxxxxx.dimetuplan(dot)com/reboundtest.capx

    I´m here.... ;( i can´t reset the UID with variable... when i click in button for rotate one, the three instance rotate together.

    Can you help me a little bit little stain. Upate this capx for i can understand your way?

  • Sorry I don't have that plugin installed, for I never used it and/or will..

    So I can't open this capx.

    If you know which instance you want to rotate there should be a way to tell the computer.

    Adding conditions to the event will make sure the computer understands your desires.

  • Now you can try it (same last file) . i quit plugin. No need it sorry with your explication you give few days ago.

  • Seeing your capx, I haven't got a clue on what you are trying to achieve.

    I'm not sure why you are adding Hbar.UID to UIdbar

    You are setting Myuid, but never using it..

    Could you try and explain what you would like to happen and when?

  • xxxxxx.dimetuplan(dot)com/reboundtest2.capx

    more simple but can´t delete uid with variable for move only one bar.. i don ´t understand it... ;(

  • I still don't understand what you want to happen..

    If I don't know the question, it's hard to give an answer..

    There's a blue circle and there are green bars..

    I can drag the green bars.

    If I touch a green bar and then touch the circle the green bar rotates.

    If I touch another green bar both bars rotate when touching the circle.

    What is it that is happening that you don't want to happen and what would you like to happen?

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