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Everything is made via physics, Very simple code: 6 events only (3 for tank creation, 2 for controls and 1 for camera)
  • I have a tank that shoots a missle from the assets I got from scirra. But when the tank shoots it goes crazy at different angles each time. I tried messing around with the physics but no luck. I need it to shoot at different angles with the turret,only 3 angles, it it needs to go up, come down and explode, taking out a brick when it explodes.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm starting to get a bit frustrated.

  • Using the physics behaviour when you're new to C2 or creating game logic can be tricky at first. When I need something that obeys gravity, but is easy to control and predict, I like to use the Platform behaviour, and have the object "jump" towards my target as soon as it's been spawned. That can be a little tricky to get working too, if you're really new, but it's still simpler than using the physics behaviour imo

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  • Even if the physics behavior is a little tricky , it's potential is huge !

    In your case , You shoudn't use the physics behavior with the turret ( You don't want the turret to be affected by the gravity ) , the bullet is the one that is affected by gravity .If you are wondering how to make it look real , Just copy the ghost shooter example , Spawn a bullet and give it an impulse with angle as the turret's angle !

    That should do the job !


  • Sorry if I don't understand. What did you mean by: give it an impulse?

    Thanks again.

  • Check out this tutorial for more infos !

    Linky Linky !

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