How do I make an balance game?

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  • Hello, so what am i trying to do is to add a drunk character and the player need it to keep it in balance using 2 arrows(left or right) . And i was wondering how to i make the character move(to simulate the drunk).

    P.S. i don't want the character to remain on their position and only balance left or right. I want them to also move to right or to the left.

    So what i tryed as far was the Rotate behavior(so i make the player loose their balance and simulate the falling) and the Platformer behavior(to make them also move left and right) , but the Rotate behavior doesen't work as i want to.

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  • What didn't work with the rotate function? have you changed the origin location? by default it is usually in the middle of a sprite making it spin if rotated, but if you put the origin to the bottom middle of the sprite, then when it rotates it will look like it's tipping over.

    As for how to pull of the mechanic, sounds complex. I'd probably start by having a variable for balance, where 0 is the character is upright, 90 is fallen over right and -90 is fallen over left. then you'd need to have the controls add or subtract to the variable, and find a way to make the variable change according to how off balance the guy is. I would try multiply the balance by a number greater than 1. if balance is zero, he will stay at zero, but the more off balance he is (plus or minus) the more the multiplying number will affect the value.

    as for moving according to the balance, I'd play around with move at angle, or x vector actions to move according to the balance variable

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