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  • <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><font size="2">Hi there guys.

    I?m not sure if this is the best place to post my doubt, but well,I haven?t searched any other that fits better.

    I?ve read the multiple screen resolution part, and the manual part about screen scale types and well, I?m having some issues in my project.

    I?m workin on a game, in which resolution (for now) is Full HD (1920x1080).

    I?ve tested all the scale modes (and also, width different sampling modes), and my problem is that, when the screen resolution is lower than that, my images get "blurry" and pixels get broken.

    I think this is a common issue, but I?d want to know is there any way of improving this, or if I have to make the game in other (more proper) resolution.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    As you can see, the wall pixels get broken it some scale modes.

    My actual (and what I think is the most adaptive) project configuration:

    • Pixel rounding: On
    • Windows size: 1920, 1080
    • Fullscreen in browser: Letterbox integer scale
    • Use iOs retina display: Yes
    • Enable WebGL: On
    • Sampling: Point

    My main (future) objective, is to release the game for Windows8, so, I don?t know if this gets fixed once makin the final exportation or it will continue like this.

    Gotta say I have big images created to and resized to smaller ones in tha layout view, but I don?t think this is the problem (in the example above, what it gets broken is a tiledbackground).

    Thanks for all your help and comments, and sorry if this is a too stupid question.</font></font>

  • Sampling can't be 'On', it has to be either 'Point' or 'Linear', does selecting a different option help?

    Sizing down can degrade quality. For retro style games you should design it at 1:1 scale and upscale, not downscale, in order to preserve visual quality.

  • I?ll fix the post now, yes, you?re right, I?d sampling to "point", cuz I tested the "linear" one and it doesn?t break the pixel, but everything gets too blurry.

    Oh, so the trick is to design in 1:1 scale, and scale upwards... like designer, I thought that would be badder because of the original size.

    But, if I want, for example, to get a good result in both 800x600 and 1920x1080 resolutions... that means I need to make in a 800x600 original layout?

    It?s my first retro style project, so sorry for this, and as always, thx :).

  • sirLobito - that's right, for retro games design for the smallest resolution then upscale it. For more modern looking games with high resolution graphics you'd probably want to do it the other way round, designing for the highest resolution and scaling down.

    Note the highest resolution in common use is a little bigger than 1920x1080 - the iPad 3 has a resolution of 2048x1536.

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  • sh*t... I'll have to change lots of things since it's origin, jajajajajaj, at least, it's not too late and I've learne one more (really interesting) thing, thanks ASHLEY.

    Yeah, I know the new iPad has a biggdr res, but for now, I'm making my game for Pc (I'll prepare a mobile/tabletl) version once it's finished.

    I'll make some more test tomorrow with a 1:1 scale and post here my experience (it maybe be useful for others :)).


  • Here I?m again.

    I?ve made several new tests, and these are my results:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I?ve made some screenshoot. The image above is divided in five cell, each one depends on the scale mode. And inside each cell (except the first one), there are 3 more cells with screenshoots of the same test but in a different size window (first is the smallest, last is the biggest).

    Not sure about what?s the best choice ?What do you think?

    I don?t think there is a perfect one, originally, the player?s eyes are squared, have this something in relation with the player sprite size? Does it has to be a square styled one? (for example, 48x48).

    Thanks for all your help.

    UPDATE: After some more tests, I think the best choice is the last, the letterbox integer scale, because of the integer, but curiously, the look of the game is better in bigger window (when it automatically resizes the layout to a 2x scale I supose) than the original 1x.

  • Im pretty sure integer scale wont allow it to be part of a scale. Like it cant be 1.5x scale only 1x or 2x which is why it looks better with pixel graphics. The problem with that is it limits just how fullscreen it can be based on the monitor ratio and the games

  • Tile Background plugin needs to be improved, but Ashely hadn't time to fix.

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