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  • hi guys i have a question how i can put background music to my game and the same time when my main character take a coind put the sound like mario games cuz iam trying using audio events but this only play the background D:

  • If you want to play a sound when something happens use the actions.

    Like this:

    Event: player collides with coin.

    Action: -add 1 to money

            -destroy coin

            -play sound (no loop)

    hope it helps :D

  • :O omg thanx that works (sorry for ask many questions -.- is my first time using construct)

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  • Does anyone know where to find music that could be used freely? Like, so I wouldn't get sued if I used it in my game? I've searched and found a lot, but they aren't really for games, they have lyrics and stuff. I asked here instead of making a new thread, sorry javd1390 :P.

  • kariko

    It's just a pain sorting through the junk but its all free.

    Sadly they are all MP3 you can simply convert using to .WAV

  • kariko

    you can use any audio converter to convert mp3- wav

    XD its okay i use instrumental music from youtube or mix for my game

  • Alright. That was one of the sites I searched, and I found one that I liked...for personal listening XD. I think I'm just going to record my own music from the keyboard I have. I have some song ideas that the free music doesn't seem to have. Thanks though, I'll use that site eventually still.

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