How do I get my background music to play along with a sound?

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  • Ok, i just added a music to play on "start of layout" and prior to that i prepared a trigger for a "damage" sound, when my character takes dmg, but as soon as the music starts playing all the other sounds are completely muted and i cant hear them, am i missing something? Thanks!

  • Would putting them on different channels help? MAybe put your background music on one channel and then play sounds in the other?

    I haven't had much experience with C2 and sound, but in other programs it follows that logic.

  • Thanks for the answer, im kinda newbie so im not really sure how to set them to different channels, could you please give me some advice on that matter? Thanks!

  • Hmmm, seems like I was wrong - there are no channels in Construct2.

    In other programs the channels act kind of like layers do for visuals, but that's irrelevant here.

    Is your event still firing? Is there a visual confirmation of the event where your sound is meant to be played?

  • I already found a way to make it work, i just loaded the background music as a regular sound looped, since the "music" folder seems to mute everything else :S

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  • You can play only one audio file at the time if it's imported to the Music folder. If you want multiple audio files overlapping each-other you have to import them into the Sounds folder. Please be aware that unless you preload those sounds on start of layout, there will be a delay in hearing those sounds, especially if the files are large in size (you will appreciate the delay when you upload the game online, in preview mode you won't notice since it runs from the disk).

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