How do I Make My Background Image Move

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  • Hi.

    I am building a racing game. I have a picture of a road I want to use as the background of the Intro to my game. Whilst the user is selecting his car(s), I want the view at the background to move, as though the "camera" is moving down the road. No animation needed, I don't think.

    But I am not quite sure how to implement this. I thought of giving the background image a Bullet property, but I'm not sure.

    I'm alternatively thinking of putting the image of the sun on the background, which will spin infinitely whilst the user select the car or do whatever.

    Please help, thank you.

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  • Hope I understood what you want correctly,

    1. Create a background layer with the road/background picture.

    2. Create a sprite object on the background layer, name it Camera and give it Scroll To-behavior.

    3. Move the Camera(sprite object) around how you want (bullet behavior, events etc.).

    4. For another layer(s), set parallax to 0 and put everything you DON'T want to move there.

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