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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm new at the forum, and game design, and grame programing....well

    I'm looking in the forum for a effect(i dont know if it is a effect on construct) but i couldn't find any of this.

    this is the thing, i have a layout really dark with a white sky, simulating de sun light, but, i cant find out how did i decrease or increase the brightness of this layer(sprite i dont know how to do this it sorry).

    my idea is: if the character reach certain position of the canvas, the screen gets brighter or darker.

    if anyone could help, i'll be greatful.

  • There are many ways to pull off something like this. Have a look on the following capx. I demonstrate 2 ways that take the player's position in relation to the layout's height and alter the opacity values of one "Sky" sprite and the brightness effect of an other sprite.

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  • Thank you for the file, i will try on my project and post the results and/or doubts =)

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