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  • I have created character and some platforms for him and now i want to add background. I inserted in the program but now its in front of everything.

    How i make it the last image from behind all, do i drag it like the layers in photoshop somehow?

  • Add new layer, then move the background into the layer standing behind.

    Or simply right-click on the background, Z order, and send to bottom.

  • It's in good practice to use layers, especially for backgrounds. You might end up wanting to parallax the background. Can't be done if on same layer as Character sprites.

    my layer structure






    Gui is self explanatory

    Foreground I use for grass infront of player for example

    Platforms is only for (invisible) platforms not the actual drawn platform

    Entity is everything else Sprites (Main Layer) Z layer used alot

    Background Parallax sense of depth

  • the layers worked like a charm.. Thanx :)

  • np <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • and now that we have the topic still active, can anyone tell me how i move forever the background. i managed to start it moving but it only moves the 1 image i inserted, how i make it a infinite loop to play the image all the time?

    I did the *every tick* event to make it moving

  • simply Search in the common question (FAQ) top of How do I page.

    Continuous Scrolling Background

  • ahh thanx :)

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  • In one layer, selec the image with Right clic and go to "Z Order" and select "go to bottom of layer" or "send to top of layer"

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