How do I Make A Avoider Game Were object fly at player

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  • How do I Make A Avoider Game Were object fly at player and follow the player i want the player to move only left and right

    V-Delete the spaces

    Example Picture: http://

  • hopr37 im a visual learner do u think u can make me a capx im on r163

  • There is no point in just making a CAPX for you. If you are serious about making games, you need to learn the game engine. As you go through the beginner tutorials, you will learn how to make a game like this. Take the time to just learn C2. Don't be in such a hurry to build your game until you can understand how it works so you can add to it and fix bugs later.

  • Well i have no time Bro andn this is a simple thing Very simple for u guys to do all i need is this then my game is done

  • Well sorry man, I don't have the time either.

  • Please man just make me have onbjects fly down at the player

  • And what if someone gave you an example like that? You still have to take time to see how it works. Take time to learn how to change it etc...if you don't have time like you say then an example capx isn't going to help you.

    Go to the tutorial section. there are a lot of examples capx files you can download.

    I have been working on one specific effect for over a week now. Going thru the tutorials and trying different ideas. Sure, I've asked for my share of help but at least I'm taking time to try to learn.

    I don't think you don't have the time. I think you don't want to take the time.

  • i dont have time man really i no how to make multiplayer chat login system giftcode system everything i need for my game i know how to do but this object thing i have no time all i need from u guys is to make it for me please



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  • I don't have the time, really. If you really need it done, I suggest you post in the For Hire group and offer to pay someone to make it for you.

  • The ghost shooter tutorial which has an included capx in Construct 2 is very on point with a game that you wanted make. You've me on Skype, I'm willing to help you as much as I can however, I won't do your homework for you I only help those whom wanted learn. After reading through most of your post, you seem to not wanting to learn most of your help post you want someone to make an example for you are do it for you. I'am still new to Construct 2, however anything I've wanted to learn was either found or mentioned on a tutorial written here on Construct 2.

  • Am I the only one who is becoming increasingly frustrated by new users and their requests such as this?

  • Nope, matter of fact I posted about it several months ago .

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