How do I avoid steeling sprites ?

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  • Hi guys, should I put online my game as browser game on my site, I assume that people can steel my sprites...can I avoid that ???

    And in anycase, If I have a browser game, can I make it save from thiefs or people who goes to "use" my game in their benefit ?


  • One cannot prevent one from stealing, it's part of life human nature

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  • What Lordshiva1948 said. You can always copyright your content, but that still won't stop people from stealing your content. You should probably contact a lawyer about this kind of stuff if it's really worth the hassle. I, personally, take it as a positive thing if someone sees my work and thinks "Hey, this looks good, I'll use it on my project!". At least it says something about my skills.

    Simply put, you shouldn't worry about stuff like that. If the content you are making isn't super professional quality, the possiblities of someone actually stealing it is very, very low.

  • If that happens and they are successful you can send proof to whatever app stores they are on, and most likely have them removed. If not you can send a cease and desist. If they are clearly making money off of your works and the other methods failed you can try to sue them.

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