How do I avoid slow performance

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  • Ive heard some complaints about C2 having some performance issues

    Like too slow when running the game, crashing, not working, etc. How do i prevent this from happening?

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  • use tile sheets

    don't overuse 'every tick'

    is key down vs on key pressed

    the computer is constantly checking whether or not the key is down, so that takes a little more effort then on key pressed.

    the same goes for similar events checking whether a condition is true or false.

    using higher resolution sprites or a lot of animation frames can slow ya down a bit.

    gigantic layouts take more effort as well.

    particles and webgl effects can slow ya down as well.

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    try to space out the demands you place on the computer where possible.

    in general just bear in mind, that the more you ask the computer to do the longer it will take.

  • C2 comes with a profiler - use it! If you group your events, the profiler can tell you (roughly) how much % of CPU usage is being used by which groups. This is invaluable for testing purposes, and with careful use it should ensure you don't run into severe performance issues. That said - a lot of people try to use C2 for projects it wasn't designed for, and that the developers openly admit it doesn't support. It's mostly those people who're responsible for the reports of crashy, buggy, or laggy output.

  • Is there anything else i need to know?

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