How to avoid shadows overlaping another shadows?

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  • I'm using the shadow light plugin to add an atmosphere to my game, but there is this problem... the shadows go through objects and overlap each others..

    Is the plugin really limited like this or am I losing something?

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  • More than likely what's happening is either your lights are on separate layers from each other remember layers apply to lights as well.

    Or you might have forgotten to put the Cast shadow behavior on the objects you're trying to affect with the shadow light.

    I haven't messeed around too much with shadows very much so, I might be overlooking something.

    Here's a good example of working with multiple shadow lights and objects in a scene: ... ing-lights

    Good luck with your project shadows can add a lot if you take the time to implement them good luck!

  • Yes, shadows add a lot to the project, that's the reason I'm trying to fix this problems.

    The problem is that there is no way to create 'obstacles' to shadows... it just go in front or behind the rest of the level, you know? And that's a huge problem...

    I wonder if there is a way to do what I want... like, a shadow hitting a platform and stopping.

  • I'm sorry it appears I misunderstood your initial post.

    I see what you mean by shadows completely blacking out objects behind them and not colliding with them for some strange reason it's probably the way the shadow casting is set up instead of taking into account other objects the shadows seem to only take the object they are cast from into account when casting.

    I tried a lot of things to try to find a workaround but I was unable to those shadows don't seem to care about anything I guess the current shadow system works better for, very specific top-down games or possibly special gameplay mechanics and don't work so well for visual appeal in a environment with lots of objects.

    Unless is a workaround that i and you don't know of, anyways sorry for the misunderstanding good luck with your project.

  • That's what I thought.. the plugin is really lacking very much... it's a shame, could be VERY usefull.

    But well... at least we have the shadow effect. Very simple, but we have it hehe

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