How do I avoid have a Package.nw file on distribution?

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  • Hi,

    recently I have seen in a well-know commercial project made in our loved Construct2, which is on Steam also, that on its files, it hasn't the package.nw file which contains all the graphics, sprites data, imported files (f.e.: videos). How it is possible to avoid this file when you want to distribute your project? Its needed in order to avoid someone could access to resources.


  • Anybody knows??

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  • just merge the .exe and package. Open a CMD prompt:

    copy /b yourgame.exe+package.nw newname.exe

    be sure to put .exe first then package, also look at enigma vb if want to make just 1 file

  • Thanks Frozenen, the "Enigma vb" option looks like the best way.

    Anyway, the cmd its a quick solution

    EDIT: the CMD solution freezes eventually the new exe. I though maybe, only the Enigma would works. I have tested it with the trial version and then I realize that it only protects executables files. There is NO posibilities to hide "package.nw" from users.

    Any other option??

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