Avoid Freezing on the same spot every time

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  • Hi.

    First of all, this is my first project with Construct 2 and my first post as well.

    I'm making this game level for a competition and now that I'm close to the end every export and standalone keeps freezing on the same spot.

    h t t p s://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53140373/Sanctuary%20-%20Final%20version/index.html

    This is the web version of it. After the [long] intro if you move to the left and up the stairs is where the freezing happens.

    Now I've done all I can by reducing collisions, less assets. Not many events at that point are happening, so I'm not sure what to do at this point.

    Hope I'm not posting in the wrong place, and hope someone can give me an advice.

    (bare in mind im not much of a 'coder/programer' I only know how to make assets)


  • I've saw this game before on youtube.

    Nice art you have.

    About the freeze you should add FPS text on the top of the layers, so you can know exactly where the fps drop.

    Add text to top non parallax layer.

    And add this event :

    Every tic --------- Set text to : fps & " FPS (" & renderer & ") " & round(cpuutilisation * 100) & "% CPU "

    Now make all your characters animation speed to 0, except the girl, and test your game.

    I'm sure 100 % the fps drop is from the characters animation frames.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I tried testing it in Firefox now and it seems to get past that point a lot better than in Chrome.

    I did as A0Nasser suggested (adding the FPS text on the top) and it seems to go up to 58 fps...yet there are other parts of the level that have more animations and that go up to 60 fps without a problem. Took all the animations down to 0 and still nothing :-/

    I looked on all the layers in case there's a hidden sprite causing trouble, but there's not much on that specific area that could cause problems (compared to others).

    If I exported out as a standalone the whole game seems a lot slower for some reason... I have a showcase of the game tomorrow, so I guess I'll use Firefox and cross fingers nothing goes wrong. Still, would love to fix this

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  • Delete the blue character in the cage and test.

    I think you have problem with one of your characters, delete them one by one and test.

    The browser alot faster than the node webkit.

  • Not sure what the reason was... but just to close this up, it worked on Firefox way better.

    Thanks a lot A0Nasser for the quick answers.

    I'll be working on the project a bit longer without a rush, so I'll probably be asking around on stuff like speed up the text (by pressing a botton) and other little features with the music.

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