How do I - avoid collisions with invisible layers

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  • I have a drag and drop editor. I have all the droppable elements on either one of two layers, level1 and level2. the user switches between these levels so they can place some things on one and some things on the other. this is mostly controlled by setting the visibility or invisibility of the layers. There is already a condition which limits the placement of one of these elements if it overlaps another element, however the problem i have is that the elements won't place if they are overlapping an invisible element on the other layer. Is there a way i can get around this? perhaps set the collisions to be only for visible instances or instances on the same layer?

  • There is the system - layer is visible condition, if used in the right way it could help..

  • Is it possible to Minimise the Collision mesh of the object on the layer below....I would say if you could...that might help...

    If you can flatter your base layer to a singular object may have no collision

    Other wise ..we would need to see your capx to see exactly what is going on

    hope that helps

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  • I would add variable layer for the objects and when the active layer is not same disable collisions or solid.

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