How do I avoid banner ads overlapping the game area?

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  • Hi all!

    I've finally managed/struggled to get ads up using cJS and Mopub - yay!

    I've specified banner ads to be 320wide x 50high, to be shown bottom centre. However, my banner ads, when they do appear, are covering the game area. I tried to fix this by having a black bar 50pix high located at the bottom permanently, and locating whatever game elements that go along the bottom of the screen to the top of this black bar.

    Although the ad height and black bar heights match (in theory), when I preview on several devices, the ads appear taller than the black bar. What gives? Any ideas of how I can get the heights to match after cJS does it's scaling? Or any ideas of how to resize the game area whenever banner ads appear?

    Lots of thanks in advance!

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