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  • Hi guys,

    For my first game I'm trying to make an auto runner but I'm having a bit of trouble.

    As it's my first I'm basing it off the auto runner example in construct which is great.

    I want:

    Random sized platforms to be generated - The example does this but it just tiles one block image so it cuts off halfway through the last block etc.

    I would like to specify a beginning, end and middle(repeating) blocks, like these:

    Does anyone know how I can adjust the code in the template to do this?

    Additionally, I would like this to be buildings but I've not decided yet, as it'll have windows when the building is generated, say each block is specific sizes:

    First: 40px

    Middle repeatable with window: 40px

    Last: 40px

    I'd need the building to be generated not only in a random full length but only in multiples of 40, is this possible?

    Hope someone can help as this is battering my head.


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  • Ah, I've been messing with it for ages and figured it out, just needs tweaking a fair bit.

    Posting what I did just in case anyone else stumbles across this with the same issue.

    If anyone does look at this can suggest any improvements then please do

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