How do I automatically move a car along a (curved) line?

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  • Hey fellow Construct 2 coders and designers,

    I'm new to this piece of software and i'm wondering how i can do something. This "something" is as follows: I have created, out of my own assets, a road (in 10 pieces) for a game. This road is curved obviously, it's not just a straight line. Now i also have a car asset, spawned on my first roadpiece.

    How can i now automatically spawn a car every 5 seconds on piece 1 and move the spawned car to piece 2, piece 3, etc... until it reaches the end where it should destroy (when past piece 10). How can i achieve this "moving alongside the middle of each road piece till the end were it destroys" ?

    All help much appreciated!!


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  • I'm going to reply to myself here...

    I fixed my problems putting a bullet behavior on my car, and turning the car with setAngleOfMotion . Now all my cars follow their respective appropriate routes!

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