How do I Automatically add Family members to another Family

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  • I'm working on an RPG, and I implemented a Touchable family, for things that can get picked by the action button. For cross platform compatibility, objects in this family always call thier action function when either touched by the sensor or tapped by touch or clicked on. I also have and Item Family, which should get picked up when touched. In order to avoid copying the touchable events, I want to add the Item Family to the Touchable family..... What is the best way to do this?

  • Add a third transparent object "touchable" with the relevant values in an upper layer. Link them (or dont) maybe via Pin behavior to those "real" objects when needed.

  • At the end, its the same sh*t as my problem

    The c2 families are useless, for RTS unlimited you need kind of temp objects which hold all values for the childs as a transparent family dad.

    This makes the event sheets rock like a hippie concert on valium.

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  • There is admittedly a lack of polymorphism. I've been learning the underlying engine and extending with javascript where I need to, but I think this represents a limitation in the engine.

    C2 is not without limitations, but I think its darn good for the level of complexity it is designed for. It's definitely miles more usable and extensible than RPGmaker, but it's several steps less complex than, say, the unreal engine, for example. UE4 has a steep learning curve.

  • All needed is a realtime IID management for family objects which can be accessed through the same id as the objects inside.

    Anyway, Ashley told me to fix that soon.... before few months

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