Automatic unpausing after a certain time limit

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  • The effect I want is where the whole game freezes for a fraction of second after dying, and then unpauses for your character to respawn.

    What I've gathered from my own testing, as well as reading the manual and searching the forum is that setting the time scale to 0 still permits trigger events, but other events on the event list don't run while the time scale is zero. Is this accurate?

    Right now I have it working so that the player can press a key to unpause the game and respawn, but I want that to happen automatically.

    UPDATE: Okay, I have the results I want just by setting the time scale to a small fraction so that no movement is noticeable, and setting the time scale back to 1 after a wait of an even smaller fraction of a second.

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  • It would depend on how you have it set up. If you're using a var I would set it up to switch it back after a certain time period.

  • I tried a few implementations of that but none would work. The problem is all time periods seem to be frozen when the time scale is 0.

    It's not an issue now though. Slowing the game to very small fractions gets the same effect as an outright pause.

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