How do I make an automatic line by line scrolling text ?

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  • Hello,

    How do I make an automatic line by line scrolling text ?

    Example there :

    I did the tutorial for dialog text in the Construct 2 videos posted by Kyatric and read articles of the forum about dialog texts. But I didn't find explanations about how to make this specific text behaviour where the text scrolls by itself line by line like in most of the classic old school RPGs which I find really nice and would like to reproduce.

    I was thinking about moving the text on Y coordinate and once it moved for 1 line height resize it but then that would mean that the text would become bigger and bigger ? I could always hide the rest with a mask.

    What would be the best way to do that ?

    PS : Also, is there a way to know how many lines there is in your text or spritefont object ? Or you have to calculate it with a sprite font object with the number of characters ?


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