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  • Hey gars second post

    2 - i have in my projet, few backgrounds who need to auto scroll, so i've added for each one a tiled background and i have specified their original size. for a reason i ignore , when i run the game, i have some black line who appear at the top of almost each one, and i figure out why as in photoshop those lines not appear.

    3 - Also on the scrolling side there is something i don't understand (maybe linked to the problem of black line), all my background have a size of 2048w by 512 and need to auto scroll (ie : forest.X -(SCROLLSPEED+75) * dt ), as the game canvas is 1280w i have specified the size of each texture to 3328 and i have the command line who mention when (ie : forest.x value = or less 2048 , set x to 0), normally the auto scrolling should be perfect, but i can see a light anormal move of few pixel at the end. So if anyone have the answer it will be amazing,

    i have specified this command line : forest.X -(SCROLLSPEED+75) * dt

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