How do I have auto saving in an iOS App

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  • Hi everyone! My question today is how can I have a save system for iOS and maybe Android apps, where the game saves by itself? If you've ever played any apps you will probably notice that the after killing the app and restarting, it shows the usual logo and title screen, and all levels and progress is saved. Is there a way to do this with C2? Thanks!

  • I would create a function that takes care of my saving duties. Then when it's appropriate in the game for autosave, just call that function.

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  • Another question which I should have asked earlier, does WebStorage work on iOS native apps? Or is this only for browser based games? Thanks for the reply ArcadEd

  • I know it works with Phonegap, Ejecta and CocoonJS. Use local storage.

  • There really are no native apps with C2 GTGJon, all these wrappers for mobile basically put a browser around the html5 for you. So all the browser based stuff pretty much works on each platform. The exceptions are the open URL actions. You need to use the open in another tab/window type options for that as it will trigger an actual browser to render the url for you.

    You can also use the built in save game system as well.

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