How do I auto-backup to Dropbox?

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  • There used to be a tutorial for this and I had it set up before, but can't find it now and it seems fiddly and the new Dropbox is just plain confusing. Can you still auto-backup and if so, how, or is there still a tutorial?

  • Go to File > Preferences > Backup and set the location to a dropbox folder.

  • More detailed instructions are here... ... up-options

  • Thanks. The problem I have is that Dropbox is now completely confusing to me. All I see is a list of my files and the only way that I know how to use it now is to drag stuff into the window. How do I get something like a file location that I can copy into C2 for example?

  • To get the path you right-click on the file and select 'Copy Dropbox Link'.

  • Click a folder, click share, click copy link? Is that it, the share location? If I right click a folder and copy the address, I just get a www address and if I copy that into the C2 backup link, when it tries to back up, it freezes and I have to alt-tab-del to shut down C2.

    This was much easier before on the old Dropbox window. Then again, I also knew how to use Dropbox. It feels like something that's been designed for Xbox or something now, i.e for people without a mouse.

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  • I'm not sure what you're asking now, the path to backup is a local windows path... like C:\Users\User\Dropbox. If you want to share with someone you can right-click and select Copy Dropbox Link.

  • Sorry, I'm not following you either. Don't you have Dropbox installed on your computer?

    Because that's how you save/backup your capx files in C2 with Dropbox.

    I'm still able to save my capx files to my local dropbox folder using the method I linked to above, regardless of what changes Dropbox made to their website.

  • Oh right, I was trying to do it through the web-site, maybe that's the problem. I'll install it.

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