How do I audio to simulate control

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  • Hi,

    I wonder, if there is a way to use audio input to control a player.

    More precise: The higher the input volume is, the more up (on the y-axis) the player should go.

    Can anyone help me, doing that?



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  • u mean by beat? or by volume? take a look at the Audio analyser example in C2

  • I mean by volume. I want to use my voice as the controller. The louder I talk, the higher (y-axis) my sprite should go.

    I'm trying to modify the Audio analyser project, but don't suceed yet.

    Can anyone help?


  • When you execute C2 and make a new project, there is actually a template named "Microphone input" that already modifies the Audio Analyser to use the microphone as input instead of a sound.

    From there, according to the volume (the value of the RMS shown in the example: Audio.AnalyserRMSLevel("mic", 0) *2 or *4) you should be able to modify the Y position of your sprite.

    The actions that modify the sizes of the sprites in the event 9 is very close to what you are looking to get.

  • Kyatric, you made my day. Finally I got the first promising results.

    I will play around with it and maybe I can come back with questions later.

    One already now: Can construct manage two seperate mic-inputs ?

    Thanks a lot

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