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  • Hey folks.

    Having an issue with setting the volume of particular sounds.

    I have multiple sounds on a 60 second loop, with sliders to control individual volumes.

    When i use the 'Set "Sample1" Volume' action, it does not appear to recognize the name. (If i leave the "" blank it uses the last played sound, and this works fine)

    The names are spelled correctly, i have also tried using both the 'sounds' and 'music' folders to store the samples.

    Is there something simple i am missing? would really appreciate some help. Thanks

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  • Audio system uses tags to distinguish between different sounds played at the same time. When you play a sound, assign a tag to it, and then you should be able to change its volume, pause, stop, etc.

  • EDIT: Just had a look, it was the tags that i am having problems with.

    It doesn't seem to recognize the name of the sound file. (it is 100% spelled correctly)

  • In "Set volume" action you need to use the tag name, not the audio file name.

    If it still doesn't work, please post your capx or a screenshot of events.

  • Sorted now thanks, Found the way to set tags.

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