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  • Hello, I've uploaded my game to a server for a competition (, but the audio doesn't load properly. I've used the preload method on the start of the first layout, but the audio still isn't working when it is needed in the 3rd layout, and there's this really long period of silence (maybe a minute or more) before the audio begins working as normal. This only happens when it's uploaded to the server, and not when testing with the construct 2 program. How can I solve this?

  • The server just looks like it's really slow. I loaded the page watching Chrome's network tab and one request took over 30 seconds.

  • Lol so nothing I can fix on my side?

  • Try uploading the game on another server. You can find lots of free hosting service where you can put your game for testing purposes or for beta testing.

  • In the end it's still gonna be on that server for the competition though...

  • I want to add that what is in your control is:

    1) Controlling the size of your audio files (naturally if you add a huge audio it will take longer to download).

    2) Consider cutting a longer background music audio into half or smaller piece.

    3) Consider abandoning the specific music you like and go find another which is much smaller size.

    4) Use various tricks to keep the player busy while the audio is loading, such as:

    >> Start by showing various game controls

    >> Have a couple of pictures of story. Even 1-2 seconds that the player looks at the story and clicks NEXT adds up to 10 seconds for 3-5 story pics.

    >> Have some settings page giving the player a choice to set volumes or pick colors or whatever. Could be any not-so-important stuff just to buy some seconds for loading.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for the advice. I guess I'll just lengthen the beginning cinematic...

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  • Ya, I would swap out the chase.ogg music for something smaller. As well as the logo2 file for something smaller as well. That is what is causing a long load time at the beginning for first-time loaders.

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