How the Audio plugin's "Schedule next play" action works exactly?

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  • Hi.

    I don't seem to understand what appears to be a self-explanatory action. Because i thought that i

    1) do a "Play" action of a music track,

    2) right after that i schedule it's second activation at exact time the first one will stop playing with the "schedule" action (Audio.CurrentTime + 10.67 sec Track's length),

    3) and then right after a schedule action i do another "Play" action of this sound

    All the scheduling routing is designed to prevent the clipping which occurs if you just play the track in looped mode. However the track starts at the moment of the second Play action immidiately, thus it's playback is not delayed by a scheduling action at all. Why is that& How this works exactly?

    Web Audio API is working. This occurs while trying to play both same and different tracks.



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