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  • So basically, I've got a game with about 25 sound/music files and it's weird because sometimes certain sounds will play but stops other sounds from playing, and I've discovered that a way to fix this to a certain extend it to play the sounds silently right at the beginning of the layout.

    However, when I load the game from the preloader layout , following sounds are broken:

    Preloader > "Police Siren" & "Radio" don't play on Title

    Start directly from title screen > "Police Siren" & "Radio" play perfectly fine, as do the pre-played sounds in the following layout.

    I'm trying to find a solution that prevents me from having to play every single sound at the start layout anyway, that's the idea of the sound preloader layout, but obviously this method isn't working.

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  • Ah, upon closer inspection, I have found that I had simply forgot to preload the f!&$£ing police sounds...

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