Audio Object Accepted File Types?

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  • I found a couple of .mp3 audio files for some sound effects I want to use. However, the import selection window shows no files (when they really are there in that folder on my computer waiting to be imported).

    This leaves me to think that C2 doesn't make use of .mp3 files. If that's the case, my search in the forums has yielded the suggestion that C2 only uses .m4a and/or .oog audio files.

    If so, can you recommend a good file converter program so I can translate my .mp3 to .m4a/.oog files, please? Or is there something else I need to be aware of?


  • We deliberately don't support MP3. Nobody should use MP3 ever. IIRC the importer should be able to transcode MP3 to M4A (if you're on Windows 7+), but it can't transcode them to Ogg. Googling for an audio converter should get you something useful pretty quickly. You should also prefer to import uncompressed PCM .wav files, since transcoding from a lossy format like MP3 will lose quality.

  • Ashley - Thank you, sir. The audio elements of programming/game making is a weak subject for me, but that does help.

    Unfortunately, whatever transcode feature is in C2, I can't make use of it because the file selection box doesn't even LIST it, even though using the Windows Browser clearly shows the files are there. And I am using Windows 7. I'll see what I can find for a converter and will keep that in mind about transcoding from mp3s. Thank you!

  • Use a free audio editing program like Audacity to save .wav files.

  • ptbcomposer - Thank you! I found one that'll transcode to .oog, but as Ashley was saying, I need one that does .wav.

  • Audacity should do .wav as well.

    By default the import audio dialog filters to "recommended formats", you can use the dropdown in the corner to change the filter and show formats like MP3.

  • Try Xrecode II, fast and easy drag and drop conversions... I always use that for C2

  • lemo - Oh, awesome! Thank you!

    Ashley - I downloaded Audicity earlier. :) I'm surprised I didn't think about that one...I've used it before.

  • Rhindon And not to nit pick... but it drives me crazy... it's OGG not OOG... hehe... OOG is the audio format of cavemen! OGG is the format of the internet! :)

  • Thank you, all, for your input! :D Always greatly appreciated.

  • BluePhaze - Oh nag, nag, NAG. LOL Yeah, I realized I had it a tad backwards afterwards. I'l be more careful next time so not to annoy you. ;)

  • I am not annoyed, it just keeps making me think of the movie I took my kids to last week, the Croods.. :) Funny stuff... Ok, maybe I am the grammar/spelling police... I try not to let it show...

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  • Unless you're doing advanced multi-track music recording/mixing, or want very nice reverb and wave-hammer effects, audacity should be the only audio recording program you'll ever need for small projects.

  • BluePhaze - AWESOME MOVIE!!! :D RED PALM!

    ptbcomposer - Yeah, right now I'm just looking for more simple stuff.

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