Audio not working on IOS (Mobile App)

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  • Hey there...

    another day, another problem with my construct2 project...

    if i export my project for cordova and build it with the intel xdk for ios, there is no sound on my mobile test (ipad mini 2 and iphone 6) devices.

    Plz note... everything works fine if i run it on my local computer.

    Has someone an idea why this isnt working? My audio format is .m4a (as this is recommanded, so i dont get it why this seems to be a problem...)

  • Ashley

    plz dont say i have to make a touch input to start sounds on an app... how is this possible? Is there a possability to avoid this annoying function?

    I hadn´t these kind of trivial problems before......if youre on web okay - i understand to have these kind of memory savers...but on an app? The videos and sounds should play automatically like it would be with all other engines...

    Can you please tell me how to make this thing working? My whole project depends on this "play sounds automatically as usual in each app" funcion...

    Thank you

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  • You only need one touch to unmute sound. Once sound is unmuted you can play sound at any time. It's easy to do with a title screen or "Play" button or similar.

  • Ashley

    Thank you for your reply ashley.

    I have a question to you depending on iframe.... do you know why it isnt working correctly on ios devices? I cant bring this thing to work....and its aboslutly nessassary for the project.... maybe you have an idea too how to fix it? I can send you the cabx. but we have to do this private, because its a project for a customer...

    it only shows up the boundarys of the iframe but doesnt load something inside. It works, if i let run it on the computer / browser.

    Or do i have to setup something in cordova?

    Thank you very much!

  • Check the browser console for errors. I really can't help any more from just a screenshot.

  • Ashley

    sry i understand that there are to less informations... i could send you the .capx file. If you could take a look it would be awesome.

    For an better understanding i should send you the ipa too, because its an mobile device problem - so there are no browser errors i could track.

    thank you

  • Ashley

    every time i switch the layout, the sound interrupts or doesnt play....

    I included 16 bit .m4a files (like recommended) and go with Audio -> Play(sound at volume 0 dB (tag"sound_loop") - after this i unmute it directly to avoid the ios mute thing....but it doesnt work.........thats it - there isnt more why is this not working?

    I start with an intro layout, where you have to press a trigger button. Then you will see a intro video and switch to the main_menue layout -> there iam calling the sound function i described above...

    This should be such a simple thing but it isnt working... and now i habe absolutly no clue why...

    is there something i have to do in the audio propperties?

    I tested it on an andorid device and it works

  • Ashley

    Hey Ashley, i got a question about the audio thing. If i have layouts with differend music. And i switch between them and change the music too.

    i use:

    Play "musicB" looping at volume 0 dB("tag")


    Unload "musicA" from Sounds

    as events.

    So thats basically it....but when i switch between the layouts i have to set a touch input again? Didnt you said, that there is only one touch input at the beginning to start and play the music for the entire project. Is there a setting or something to make this thing working?

    (The platform iam on is IOS - (project is builded with cordova))

  • Audio works on iOS. There is nothing more I can say unless you provide something someone else can actually run.

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