Audio issues on Stock Android phones!? it's mad!

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  • I am having a few problems with audio on stock android phones like Xperia A Stock and sharp mini Stock.

    Among the issues are:

    Putting the phone to sleep and the music continues to play.

    Music mutes after a couple taps of the screen.

    Anyone had issues like this?

    Is it possible to check the type of phone and disable the audio?

    Any help appreciated

  • had similar problems with my games , its not only stock mobile phones, all phones do that, depends on how big is your file, for some reason does not kill the sound when u close app(that naturals for most new mobile phones its not completely close but close to background that means will keep playing and u have to go to your background apps then kill the remaining program) however i do not know how to detect the phone buttons, to be able to call them and close app when that is pressed and not naturally to go to background. (basically it acts like go back button)

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  • It seems to be phones with stock android browsers where the most problems are. The files are small but the music plays, the phones can go to sleep without pressing any buttons too so cant use that to stop the audio.

    If there was a reliable way to check what browser was being used then I could disable the audio accordingly, but so far haven't found a way.

  • Not sure, but maybe the browser object condition "on suspended" triggers when the phone goes to sleep (if so, you may be able to cut the sound when it triggers).

  • Bump? I got this issue too, tried using 'On suspended' trigger, but it still bugs. Anyone got other ideas?

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