Audio and internet explorer / safari problems? Solved

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  • Has anyone had sounds and or music messing up in internet explorer?

    It can start off fine but the more you trigger sound events the more the effects can become distorted, the music can get louder and then quieter. Also the sound FX can end or cut off suddenly with what sounds like static.

    Everything is fine in Chrome...

  • Another topic here:

    Also try to update your browsers.. and see the audio formats:

  • Thanks, a link I hadn't spotted. Tried adding in the trigger once event but still the same issues.

    If I repeatedly trigger a sound FX it can get louder and louder in Internet Explorer and the background music can change volume too! So loads of distortion.

    No idea as yet

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  • It appears that there was some kind of issue with a sound sample. Discovered it by looping it in windows media player and after a while corruption set it and the sample stopped playing back. Replaced the sample, checked it and all now seems to be fine. Very odd.

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