Are all 3 audio formats required for desktop?

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  • Hi all

    I did an export of my game and noticed that 95% of the size is taken up by the few audio files I have. Since the game is only really intended to be played on desktops, do I still need all three formats?

  • If you're running in a browser, yes all 3 are needed. Thanks to the major browsers not agreeing on a format you need all 3 if you want to have audio in all the major browsers.

  • IE will download all the audio files (even if it doesn't read .ogg format), other browsers will (should ?) only download the set of audio files they need.

    Your end user will have less download if he uses FF or Chrome.

  • just a quick point of order:

    In OP's post he mentioned that his game is only intended to be played on desktops (I am assuming with node-webkit or awesomium)so I could be wrong but I think what he really means to ask is

    since his game will not be played in any of the big 3 browsers and is only intended for desktop release does node-webkit or awesomium require all 3 media formats or can 1 or 2 be safely stripped without breaking functionality

    I do not know the answer to this so i am not much help but i did get the feeling the question was being looked at from the wrong perspective so I thought I would suggest what I felt to be the proper perspective :P

    I hope no one thinks this post rude I truly only mean to help and if I am mistaken no problem :)

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  • There aren't 3 audio formats after export - there are only 2 (.m4a and .ogg). You only need those two to cover all browsers and platforms.

    If you export to a platform where the browser engine is known in advance, Construct 2 only exports the right set of audio files, so you'll only get 1 set of audio files automatically. The settings are as follows:

    Exporting to Chrome Web Store or node-webkit:

    Known to use Chromium, only .ogg exported

    Exporting to Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8:

    Known to use IE, only .m4a exported

    .wav files are never exported. They're there in case in future Construct 2 supports export-time re-encoding of your audio from the original sources.

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