Audio files start to download immediately. Help please!

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  • Once I upload a game to my server and try to play it, my browser tries to download the audio files and save them on my computer. I get dozens of download pop ups. This definitely shouldn't be happening.

    The sounds are merely there to be played once a button is clicked. That doesn't happen either.

    If anyone has any advice, I'd greatly appreciate it. My "game" is to help my ESL students practice English at home and I hope to get this ready for them ASAP.

    I have uploaded a small test file to try as well. A separate project. The problem persists even in that.

    Here's the test.

    What I want is to just play a simple audio when I press the black button.

    If I play this on my computer, it works just fine. Same with the original "game". I've talked with the ISP and they've said the MIME types are working fine so it shouldn't be that.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Works fine here with FireFox and Chrome. Did you try another browser?

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  • Thank you for checking. I've not checked too many different browsers until your comment.

    It's working for IE, Chrome, and Firefox on computer. It's also working on android devices.

    However, it's not working on apple devices.

    Thank you for narrowing down the problem. This is really unfortunate because most parents/students here have iphones and I must get it working for that.

    I've checked the MIME types and those are set up correctly.

    I've also checked out some posts on the forums here and will try some things mentioned.

    -I've tried converting the files myself (rather than having construct do it). Didn't work.

    -I've tried removing the offline.appcache (and editing the index.html) and that didn't work either.

    -I've tried both Chrome and Safari on several iphones (thinking that it might be a safari problem). The problem persisted on both browsers.

    Now I'm going to try downgrading the audio quality and try that.

    Side question: Is there a recommended plug in for construct that could help with audio and perhaps help in this situation?

  • Side question: Is there a recommended plug in for construct that could help with audio and perhaps help in this situation?

    Because this is not the correct behavior I would make a bug report.

    Did you use the Construct2 Audio importer (from wave-file)?

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