audio effect is not working in apk.

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  • i am using " Set effect parameter" and it is working on desktop but once i publish it as apk it doesnt work any more. i am using intelXDK to pack it

    anybody has an idea?

    thank you

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  • Are you sure your target device supports advanced audio effects ?

    Have you added an appropriate audio plugin in Intel XDK when doing the conversion ?

    Moved from the "Effect" forum which is about WebGL effects and has nothing to do with audio effects.

  • i was told android doesn't support construct effects?

    but are you saying that i need to add a plugin in intel Xdk? how do i know which pliugin?

  • It seems you are confusing WebGL effects and Audio Effects (advanced audio).

    Those are two different things. Android is perfectly capable of handling WebGL effects, but indeed there might be some compatibility issue depending on the OS version.

    When you add a plugin to your project in XDK, you have different categories between "Core plugins" to "Third-party plugins".

    If you check the "Featured plugins", there are several audio plugins available that could do the trick. My first guess would be to try the "Native Audio Plugin", which seems to possibly cover advanced audio features.

    Nonetheless, it is possible you will have to use another plugin, and so will have to find out which one to use.

    Be sure to search our forums as well, it is likely you are not the first person to attempt using advanced audio on mobile.

  • thank you for your help!

    ill try to follow your suggestions

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