Audio effect is not working after creating an APK

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  • an audio effect is not working after creating an APK. working good in html.

    1. what i want to accomplish (and i did with the html) is play a sound with "touch" and if finger is lifted the sound fades out. like a piano.

    2. I added a function to the sprite that plays the sound. with a Touch event -On touched "some sprite"

    added a function that includes play sound by name and "Add gain effect to the sound ( using tag).

    3. to add the fade effect i added a Touch - On any touch end and then added Action Audio - Set effect parameter Filter/delay/gain gain

    it works good with HTML but not as an App/.

    is it because i am using construct2 wrong?

    or maybe i made the app wrong( i used export cordova an intelXDK)?

    or is it not possible to create a "piano effect" for apps in construct2?

    any advice?

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