What is the Attributes counterpart in Construct 2

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  • hi everyone

    i had a question about attributes in construct classic.

    i was looking at Yann project from the classic version and i noticed that there are "Attributes that you can add.

    I was wondering what the counterpart to attributes are in construct 2.

    i seen a left and right attribute and the condition was to check for collisions on the attribute.How do you check for a collision on Left or Right?

    It dosnt make sense to me.

    the link to the post is right here


  • Attributes were moved to behaviors in Construct 2. Notice the Solid attribute is now a behavior, for example.

  • Ashley Very Cool,

    I was wondering Why one of the Attributes were named Left and Right and had collisions?

    I wanted to know this because im trying to learn from Yanns Cap,It has some Cellular Automata Algorithoms in it.And i just didnt see how to make Left or Right detectable through collisions.

    Thanks for your reply Ashley its nice to hear from the Top Gun.

  • 'Left' and 'Right' were never built-in attributes, so you'd have to ask Yann.

  • Ashley Thank you,

    Hopefully Yann will see this and be able to explain how this works,I know its an old cap file but it has valuable info that i need for my project.

    Thanks again Ashley have a good evening.

  • RookieDev

    You're a very lucky man.

    I'm so busy these days that I don't really look at the forum too often, and it seems the system is a bit broken since I wasn't warned at all about your post.

    Since I don't have CC installed here, if you can send me a screenshot of the events so I can remember what it was about (:

  • Yann i do not know how to capture screenshots from my computer,

    this really sucks im going to try and install a program or something.

    I hope i can still catch you before you get really busy again.

    thank you for your reply Yann.

    im working on the screenshot right now

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  • Yann Here is the only way i know how,Its through Dropbox,i just took a snapshot with my tablet.


  • You can get a screenshot by pressing the "PRTSC" button on the keyboard and pasting into mspaint.

    The image you posted was actually from one of my projects and the cap is in this topic:


    There isn't a direct counterpart of custom attributes in C2 although I think you could do something equivalent with families, Boolean instance variables and some more events. Although I would opt for a different approach.

    For the example of an attribute like "left" you could do something like the following:

    1. Make a family and call it "left_attr" and add any objects that could get that attribute to it.

    2. Add a boolean instance variable to the family and call it "left".

    3. Then in events or the editor you can give the objects the left attribute by setting "left" to true. Also to reproduce and event like "sprite overlaps left" you would do the following:

    left_attr: Is left

    sprite overlapps left_attr

    Oddly enough after I answered your question about growing grass I made a capx to experiment with similar water physics. It's not perfect but it does work better than the CC version. Have a look if you like but be warned I used some math trickery to reduce the number of events.


    Left click to draw walls, right to erase.

  • R0J0hound

    Thank you so much for explaining this to me,The way that is shown makes perfect sense to me,When i first seen that you had the attribute named left in CC,It instantly confused me but from what you wrote i definitly understand how to recreate the left&right attribute.

    the CapX file you placed looks amazing on the inside,i cant wait to study it even more and see what i can learn from you.

    from what i seen so far the water runs very very smooth its impressive.also thank you for filling me in on the prtsc button.

  • also thank you for filling me in on the prtsc button.If you additionally press the alt-key, you can take a shot from the currently active window only, which further reduces the post-editing in a graphics application <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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