Attempting "ragdoll" character with physics

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  • I'm trying to make a game involving climbing, and I'm trying to make a sort of ragdoll character to hang from whereever the character is holding.

    I've got the basics, but I can't figure out why the right arms stays together, but the left arm stretches out well below where the hand is.

    I've got a build of it here:

    (arrows move, up arrow jumps, hold Z to grab onto the green surface, arrows while grabbing to move around, the hand used to grab switches with each move.)

    It's still very rough, the ragdoll just kinda goes wherever when you aren't climbing, it's going to be a more traditional sprite for that, but I'm starting with the climbing bits since that's the hard part.

    Any suggestions as to what may be causing this?

    Source file is attached

  • Hope this helps, i really love the concept!!! Could become something very fun. I did two versions.

    One simply fixed the had issues, for some reason you had the right hand preventing rotation and with 8 bit directional movement.


    Did some changes and tried to achieve the same with less events. It does essentially the same without going crazy.


  • Awesome, that certainly streamlines things. I had the ragdoll sort of teleport to the sensor when he starts climbing because I planned on having a more traditional sprite for when he's not climbing. But now I'm realizing I can do what you did and just make the rag doll pieces invisible when they're not needed, Stops the crazy whiplash things from happening, and eliminates the need to rebuild the doll every time the Z button is pressed. I was making things ridiculously complicated.

    Though nowhere near as extreme as some of my builds, his left hand still separates from his arm when he's hanging from it, (Although I haven't been able to test it on another computer on the chance that it's just something on my computer's end) This doesn't happen with the right hand, and I'm still not sure why, The right arm does jerk around a bit while the left doesn't, I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but this is certainly more viable for practical use than what I had.

    Thanks a lot, always neat to see how someone else tackles the same problem, helps think of things from a different perspective.

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  • May i keep working on top of my revamp? Really want to keep going forward with it



    you can fix a bit of the separation by adjusting the density of the parts

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