How do I make attacks kill enemies?

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  • I have this sprite with an attack animation set to the 'spacebar' key. Whenever it's pressed and collides with an enemy, I want the enemy to die. But instead every time I press spacebar on collision with the enemy nothing seems to happen.

    I am using a boolean variable that sets to true when the player collides with the enemy. I feel like I am doing something very wrong here?

    Also, if say the attack animation just constantly plays after pressing spacebar once and keeps hitting things non- stop, would I need to put a 'is animation attacking playing' then set attack variable to false?

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  • "On Collision" is a triggered event, which means it lasts only one tick. "Keyboard On key pressed" is also a triggered event, also lasts one tick. (all events in Construct that start with the word "On" are triggered)

    So you need to be very-very lucky to press the spacebar exactly at the moment of collision.

    The solution is to use "Is" conditions instead - "Is overlapping" and "Key is down". Something like this:

    Player is overlapping enemy
    Space key is down
    Enemy health >0 
    ......... Enemy set health to 0
    ......... Enemy start animation "Death"
  • Oh,thank you! :)

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