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  • So my problem is that I have a 3 hit combo set up when on the ground. I've set it to deactivate when jumping and reactivate upon landing. This doesn't work like it should. The air attacks do not activate immediately. If I continue to attempt this over and over left clicking rapidly while jumping then it will fix itself, but with the consequence of no longer being able to attack with the 3 hit combo on the ground.

    Any help is appreciated.


    WASD = "move"

    shift = "dash"

    left click = "attack"

    Here is the capx:

  • i think i fixed it but now your dash is bug xD

  • I actually just fixed it myself.

    Thanks for you're help though. I had to connect the combo attacks with the "ground attack". So specific this is, just like coding. Just not near as hard.

    The only problem I notice now is that if I continue to left click repeatedly then the ground attacks will deactivate until I refresh the tab.

  • check the capx, i think i fixed that bug (the bug when you click repeatedly and the combo deactivates) =).

  • Wow, good job.

    I see that it works, but I quite understand it as I am looking at what it is that you've done.

    Like on the sub-event of each attack why does it say "attack3" when the first attack is actually "attack1" in the combo. I even tested it to see and it was. Also why are they inverted?

  • the events arent in order that is why attack 3 is the first, it wont affect the game, and the animations are inverted because if you click too fast it will "cut" the animations, i mean the animations of the hits will start even if the last animation isnt finished, the events will trigger too.

    pd: sorry for my bad english

  • Does it matter if "attack 3" is listed to be first or not? Will it affect the game if I list it in order?

    Now how does inverting the animations make them not get "cut"? I guess I don't understand it function.

    Thanks for all your help!

    P.S. Your English is fine. Where are you from?

  • no it doesnt matter because to trigger the events the conditions need to be true, and it wont affect the game.

    if you invert the animation condition the actions wont trigger if you hit the click too fast because the condition is that if the animation "attack1" isnt playing you do the actions, so if it is playing the events wont trigger.

    i am from chile (south america) =).

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  • I did everything you said to do and it all works perfectly now.

    Thank you so much for your help. Have you made a game yet? I would like to see it if so. It seems you are pretty good with the construct 2 software.

  • well i have this

    is an early state of my game, you cant die and the robits wont chase you to death, i am doing it with a friend and we are waiting to buy the construct license to continue it.

  • Wow, it looks like a good start. Who is doing the art?

    I'm impressed so far. I would like to keep in touch with you. You have good skills with this software.

  • my friend, he is a great artist

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