How do I have an attack animation without disrupting rest?

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  • I was thinking through what would be an error for my game and that is when attacking it would disrupt the rest of the animation (basically when walking and then I press for example attack it would ruin the animation). How do I actually make a proper attack animation that won't disrupt the leg animation?

  • If you don't want then legs disrupted, the you'd want to animate them separately an pin them to the player - and/or you can do the same thing with the arms.

  • I cut every thing with the arms, but I don't really know how to make it so it pins directly to the part where the arms are missing. Because at the moment it only pins in a way it follows me far back instead of attaching directly to the missing arm.

  • If I'm understanding you correctly you could try making an imagepoint on the torso of the character, and do:

    every tick -> set arm position to torso.ImagepointX(insert imagepoint number here), torso.imagepointY (Insert Imagepoint number here).

    You will need to make sure that all frames of your animations (On the torso and arms) have the imagepoints you're using set up to ensure it sets position correctly. This may take some tinkering with imagepoints to get the desired look.

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  • It seems to be placed wonderfully , but when I press A and D without holding it seems to displace the stick more the more I press A and D continously. Here is a picture of when I pressed it a couple of times:

    Here is a picture of the so called code I made:

  • Nevermind I saw the error, Platform is not moving - pin stick to player

  • Glad things are working out. Best of luck with your game - it looks interesting!

  • I got one more last issue to address, and that is when walking on my game with the stick the screen goes up and down as if my character was floating in one of the walking frames.

    I checked the image points because I had the same problem once before and fixed it with image points, now seems not to be the case since it's using the exact same image points as the original walking animation. Any tips, ideas? Thanks for your help so far, I really appreciate that.

  • Nevermind at all, I fixed this by adding a custom camera which works perfectly fine.

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