Attaching multiple sprites to object.

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  • Greetings! I want to make a hero model with a changeable cold weapons (spear&shield, sword&shield, bow). Here is an image and link with example of animation:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I can?t correctly attach both spear and shield because of only one pivot point. I can make animation with hero model and weapon, but then I have a collision detection issue. Which is, if I hit enemy with shield or hero model it will counts as hit, I want only spear hit counts.

    P.S. Multiple pivot points could solve lot of problems, I wish they appear in close future ))

    P.P.S. Thx for cool gamedev tool and sorry for my english =)

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  • Try image points! Objects can only have one pivot point, because that's the point they rotate around. However, if you click the image points tool, you can add and place as many image points as you like. Then you can position objects by them via the events - set position to object, the ImagePointX/Y expressions, etc.

  • Wow! Thx a lot, sorry for disturbance.

    Finaly found them (image points), they come in r56. Curretly I'm using r54 coz r57 crashes at launch (hopefully it's my OS problem or something), downloading r56 version =)

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