How do I Attach 2 Object in 1 Sprite

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  • Hellow sir, just wanna straightforward. Sorry if this question seems so silly but i try to figure it out by searching in this forum but didn't get it. YEs, this is a very basic, but i don't know is something in my concept is missing or what.

    Okay come to point, i have a layout like this one :

    As you can see there's a square box with blue line, let's call it "bluebox". So, bluebox is an invisible object that will rotate when user click it. What i want is attach two line above the bluebox which is gonna make L shape.

    I have try to use pin behavior to that line, but still when i click the bluebox, that line didn't also rotate as the bluebox rotate.

    I want to use set position, but it just make all my layout seems crap because all the line in this layout is made by one same object.

    Please sir, help me with this one, i have stuck for 2 days. Thank you.

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  • The pin Behavior is the right thing, you just have to set the orientation points of the lines on the rotating point of the box and rotate the box by setting its angle.

    Like this: CAPX


    Here is a CAPX that rotates the blue square on touch within 90 degree.

  • Thanks for your help sir, but after i apply your suggestion, the other line also rotate with the line above the box. I try to make some changes but still didn't work. How to make just the line that overlay with bluebox rotate?

    Might you need to see my capx :

  • Just make for the other line a New object. Its only rotating the object you say it should rotate.

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