How do I attach MUSIC & FX Volumes seperately to C2's built-in SLIDER Behavior?

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  • PLEASE help

    I have tried everything to get this seemingly simple mechanic to work with no success

    At first i tried to set Global Variables for MUSIC and FX

    in which i could tie to each Audio's set.volume parameter to be controlled by slider

    when i couldnt get that to work, i decided to just try a simple attach slider to the volume of a specific audio file playing directly, and STILL no success

    I can seem to figure this out whatever i do

    Any help will be GREATLY appreciated

    My utlimate goal is to have 2 sliders using C2s built-in slider behavior tied directly to the audio volume variables set, but if that isnt possible, even events calling out for each specific sounds would be fine, as im not using many in my game.

    i initially searched the forums and found several older posts regarding this situation, but every example capx and links are broken, so im unable to get any help with existing past posts

    thank you in advance for any and all help.



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