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  • Hello folks.

    I have a college work with Construct 2

    On the work we had to choose a game from atari and make a CLONE of it in construct.

    So, i need help from you to make this game, i have several questions, i'm gonna list them here, i'm a newbie in construct.

    (if you've already layed it, you'll understand better, if you didn't see a video or read something about things like power-ups, effects, etc.)

    1. Alright, my first problem is that i applied a "8-direction" effect to my E.T. so he gets upside down and behaves like a car saw from up. I need to make his movements look like the ones in the original game.

    2.So,i have a problem, i copied an image of the first map then pasted it as a sprite i suppose, then i made a second layer and locked the layer to be the background, But there's problems:

    2.1: There's a white space on the right side of the screen, i think it's because of the resolution of the screen, how do i fix it?

    2.2: How do i make the E.T. go to the different parts of the map (that is very complicated), how i make him go to other tiles?

    3. The game has aleatory zones, where, if you walk over it, you can activate it and do something, but they're random, so they are in a setup in a gameplay, and in other they are in another setup (i don't know if there are already set up zones and the power-ups just go randomly on the zones that are already there, or if even the zones are random, but i think that the first one is easier to do in construct)

    4. How do i make the enemies (FBI Agent and Scientist) and friend (Eliott) go after me????

    They spawn in a tile of the map, then they run through the map to the place where i am, they don't just spawn on me, the have a "logic", (for an example, when a scientist grabs the E.T., he gets you in the place of the map, then he runs the tiles to go to the place where he lets him,he don't just teleport).

    5. How do i make a logic in the game?

    In the game you have to collect three Interplanetary Phones that are hidden RANDOMLY on holes throughout the map, then, when you do it, you have to FIND a random zones (that i've already menioned) where you can call your ship, then there's a cronometer, and another random zone (this time in just one tile, the forest) where you have to stay for the ship to get you (a detail: if there's an enemy on the spot, the ship doesn't lands).

    So, that's my main questions and things that i don't know, there's much more, like "how can i make the sound of E.T walking stop when i stop walking?" and "how do i make the "score" and how do i make he die after the "score" ends" and lots of things.


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  • Break down your problems into small pieces and start writing the events.

    You usually start with player movements and you need to decide on controls. The controls are touch, tap or keys.

    Trying to clone a commercial game is a huge task for a beginner and you should start with a more basic game I think but if you are determined to do that game you need to understand basic C2 commands first.

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