How to make an ASSYMMETRICAL multiplayer game ?

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  • Hello fellow Constructers.

    So, here's the thing.

    I'm not an expert with Construct 2's multiplayer engine, but as far as I understand, it seems to be designed to sync each connected player with a particular instance of a given object - the same for everyone else.

    Perhaps that is not very clear. Let's say that, in Construct 2's multiplayer shooter demo, everyone virtually plays "as" the same object - in the project, the same object is used for every player to control, only a different instance each.

    But here's the thing ; I'd like to make a game where I need only two players, but they play two very different roles - preferrably, different objects, too.

    I know I could still make it work with the same object by differenciating animations and events regarding the 'peer' or 'host' nature of the player this instance is synced too, but that would be an hassle. Is there not a quicker, more convenient way of doing this ?

    Thank you for your time. You're the best.

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  • It doesn't need to be the same object. You can have two different sprites for Player1 and Player2, each player controls its own sprite. You just need to sync them.

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