How do I associate specific sound to each sprite in a family

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  • Hello,

    I try to make a little game and I have some problem due to lack of knowledge (I'm a beginner), so I really hope you can help me, and in advance thanks for your time and conseideration.

    Well let's go I have a family of "enemies" set:





    I have imported in "sound" some m4a files:




    I want to spawn a random enemy each type so i've did each 2 seconds spawn "enemies" on layer 2

    "enemies" is the family group.

    So my question is when the game random pick an enemytype from the "enemies" family how do I play the corresponding sound when the sprite spawn on screen ?

    Thanks again I hope I'm clear


  • I don't know much about Families

    but you can always use something like...

    On created enemytype1 .Play -enemytype1sound.m4a..

    On created enemytype2 .Play -enemytype2sound.m4a......

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  • store the sound name in a variable on the sprite, then play the sprite variable name when you want to.

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